So here come the FAQs…

As The Venue Experts (TVE), we get asked many, many questions on a daily basis. So, to help, we’ve collated our top queries and popped them down here for anyone wanting more information about us, our services and what TVE can do.

But before we start, we need to remind you that we’re a specialist outsourced sales operation with unrivalled drive and energy. TVE is made up of a bunch of supercharged sales experts, focused on delivering results that’ll absolutely knock your socks off!

Who can benefit from working with TVE?

Any prestigious venue owner. Predominantly we work with owners of stately homes, country houses and estates, heritage properties, plus other independent venue owners.

What can TVE do for your venue?

We offer four distinct areas of sales support:

Wedding venue consultancy – providing a no-nonsense consultant to revive your team.

Wedding and events sales training, coaching and mentoring – delivering support by building your team’s confidence to nail viewings and conversions.

Your personal expert – providing a dedicated venue expert to handle your complete sales operation. 

Wedding sales masterclass – delivering an intense, one-hour masterclass which includes building your customer avatar and discovering your best selling products.

How does TVE work?

TVE becomes an extension of your own team. We take on your venue, discuss its selling points and create a comprehensive sales strategy. Our involvement will free up your time so you can concentrate on planning and hosting the weddings and events planned at your venue. You have four options of sales support (see question above) to choose from.

What if I already have an in-house sales team?

We will work with your existing sales team; delivering specialist sales training to ensure your conversion rates and sales are optimised. Our training is split into specific topics which include generating leads, conversions and show-around training.

Where does TVE work stop and the venue work begin?

TVE works closely with your venue staff and we always insist that a comprehensive handover between TVE and your staff is carried out for each sale we make. In addition to handover, TVE will ensure that your team is trained to ‘run’ with the next stage of the wedding planning process, making the transition from TVE to your team seamless.

Reporting success

We provide regular reports which show conversion rates and numbers of sales. This tangible evidence of sales helps boost team performance, morale and overall levels of job satisfaction.


Our costs depend entirely on the type of sales support package you choose. Other variables include your venue size and how many events are scheduled.

What’s your secret?

We can’t obviously give all our secrets away! However, part of our sales success can be explained by the fact that we are on hand 24/7 for all venues – we are ALWAYS here to answer any queries. 

We’ve also got over 15 years of sales experience to draw upon, and an amazing track record, so we’re confident we can boost sales wherever we go.