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The Covid hangover – what it means for wedding venues

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The Covid hangover – what it means for wedding venues

The Covid hangover – what it means for wedding venues

It’s fair to say the past few years have been incredibly difficult for everyone in the wedding industry. With an estimated 500,000+ weddings postponed since March 2020, couples are more than ready to make up for lost time and finally hold or book their big day. The result is what’s being called the Covid hangover, but what exactly does that mean for you and your wedding venue?

Time to start sending out those wedding invitations… finally!

What is the Covid hangover?

Since March 2020, with numerous lockdowns and so much uncertainty about what to expect from one month to the next, hundreds of thousands of couples made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding days. But now, as restrictions have ended and the future is looking a lot brighter and more certain, these couples are desperate to get their big day booked in – and many want it to be as soon as possible! What we’re left with is the Covid hangover, trying to fit in as many of these rearranged weddings. And we still want to do the very best job we can. Now, more than ever, brides and grooms deserve the wedding of their dreams – are we right?!

Let’s help our brides and grooms celebrate in style

What does it mean for wedding venues?

We don’t need to tell you that running a wedding venue is an all-encompassing business, and even pre-pandemic you probably wished there were more hours in the day to get everything done. The Covid hangover has magnified this – how are venues meant to plan (and throw) the rescheduled weddings, as well as handle all the new enquiries from potential customers? It’s a lot to deal with and if you feel like you’re dropping the ball occasionally, don’t worry, you’re certainly not on your own.

The Covid hangover – it’s never been busier for wedding venues

How can The Venue Experts help? 

If you’re feeling bogged down in admin or are worried that enquiries from newly engaged couples aren’t being given the attention they need, The Venue Experts are the answer to your prayers. Wedding venue sales outsourcing is the smart way to stay ahead during the Covid hangover; The Venue Experts can handle all of the sales side of things leaving you time to catch up with what is potentially the busiest period wedding venues have ever had to deal with.

Let our experienced team handle all your outsourced wedding venues sales

Why outsource your wedding venue sales?

Our team knows everything there is to know about wedding venues sales, so you can be confident you’re in safe hands when it comes to outsourcing your wedding venue sales to us. We provide a unique, round-the-clock service making sure every new enquiry is answered quickly and effectively. You’ll never have to worry about missing a lead ever again. We can handle all the admin, from the initial email right up to finalising the booking, so you can focus on managing your diary and hosting amazing weddings. Our industry-beating results speak for themselves.

Focus your time and energy creating unforgettable weddings for your customers

What’s the future of venues, post-Covid?

A lot has changed in the wedding venues’ landscape since the pandemic started. The demand is most definitely there – and then some! – but lockdown may have left you wondering if there are other ways to boost profits. The Venue Experts team includes a hugely experienced and talented Venue Consultant, who can work with you to suggest new avenues and opportunities to really maximise your venue business and profits. If you’re curious about how to help your wedding venue thrive, give us a call to find out how we can help.

Get in touch with The Venue Experts team for help with your wedding venue sales

Get in touch with The Venue Experts

Whether you’re keen to find out more about outsourced venue sales, our wedding venue consultancy or some of the other services The Venue Experts can offer, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us using the online form – just click here to get started. Alternatively, call us on 07880 312393 or email us at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk

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