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Everything you need to know about our wedding venue sales service

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Everything you need to know about our wedding venue sales service

Everything you need to know about our wedding venue sales service

Sales. It’s an integral part of running a venue and one that can take up a huge chunk of your team’s time. The enquiries don’t stop during peak wedding season, so the juggle to keep on top of every aspect of the sales journey as well as planning and hosting amazing weddings can feel overwhelming at times. We know – we’ve been there and experienced it ourselves! Instead of that constant ‘chasing your tail’ feeling, imagine having a team of experts on hand to take care of every aspect of your sales process. From handling new enquiries to arranging showrounds and dealing with follow-ups, The Venue Experts’ outsourced venue sales team can keep on top of everything, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Stacey from The Venue Experts on a showround with as part of the wedding venue sales serice
Credit: Megan Wilson

Why outsourcing your wedding venue sales is the key to success

You can’t be everywhere at the same time or do every role needed to build a successful wedding venue team. That’s why outsourcing is such a perfect solution. By utilising The Venue Experts’ sales service you are essentially growing your own team, without the expense that comes with hiring new employees. We are so passionate about what we do and how we can transform the day-to-day running and overall success of a wedding venue – just think of us as an extension of your in-house team. The Venue Experts can provide a round-the-clock service, making sure every single lead is followed up and nurtured. From scheduling in viewings to getting that booking over the line, we work incredibly hard to make sure your venue’s calendar is booked up all year round.

Stacey from The Venue Experts
Credit: Jessica Sommerville

Outsourced sales is one of our most in-demand services at The Venue Experts, and whether you opt for our retained sales service or choose to go down the commission-based route, we can take the pressure off. Think of what you could do with all that extra time, freed up by outsourcing your venue sales. You’ll have more time to dedicate to your couples and, as a result, your whole team will be happier as they have one main job to focus on – running unforgettable weddings, all while someone else expertly handles every detail of the sales journey.

Emily J The Venue Experts wedding venue sales service team member
Credit: JMC Production

What clients really think about our wedding venue sales service

Investing in The Venue Experts’ outsourced sales service can transform your business. Still need some convincing? Here’s a recent client testimonial about our retained sales service, from The Abbey in Ireland:

“We have had the pleasure of working with The Venue Experts for over two years now, our partners for our sales function. Our wedding venue, The Abbey, has greatly benefited from their outsourced sales services.

Stacey, Emily, and the rest of the sales team have seamlessly integrated into our operations, providing a level of service and dedication that feels as though they are part of our in-house team. Their professionalism, proactive communication, and timely client responses have significantly boosted our visibility in a competitive market and helped to increased bookings. 

Emily, in particular, has shown a profound understanding of our needs and the unique charm of The Abbey. They take the time to understand our vision and consistently go above and beyond to ensure potential clients receive the best possible experience. In summary, The Venue Experts have been a vital asset to The Abbey, and we highly recommend their services to any venue looking to enhance their sales and client engagement.”

The Abbey wedding venue in Ireland
Credit: Darius Jakubauskas

How to secure those bookings for your wedding venue

Now you know why you should take advantage of The Venue Experts’ game-changing wedding venue sale service, here’s how. We’re excited to share that we currently have capacity to take on some new clients for our outsourced sales service and we want you to be the first to know. If you want to make the most of The Venue Experts’ decades of wedding industry experience, we want to hear from you. Click here to get in touch or drop us an email at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk to find out more about how we can turbo-charge your venue sales.

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