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How to diversify your wedding venue

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How to diversify your wedding venue

How to diversify your wedding venue

Diversification – you’ve probably heard of it, but what does it mean for your wedding venue? Well, for a start let’s make this clear – this blog is about how established wedding venues can expand and grow to tap into new markets and ultimately boost profits, not for other buildings and businesses that want to take their first steps as a venue (we’ll have a blog for you guys in the future, promise!). As a wedding venue owner or manager, you might be quite happy with how your business is ticking along, but to create a sustainable and profitable business in the future, there are certain things you should be thinking about, right now. Here’s our expert guide on how to diversify your wedding venue.

The great outdoors

The popularity of outdoor wedding ceremonies is huge – and only seems to be growing post-pandemic. If you don’t have an option for couples to legally get married al-fresco at your venue, it’s seriously worth looking at whether you can introduce one. Yes, we understand that an outdoor ceremony isn’t a viable option for some venues, but if you do have outside space you’re not using to its full potential, you’re really missing a trick. With outdoor civil weddings and partnerships now legal without the need for a permanent outdoor structure, the world is your oyster – so get creative and think of what could work for your venue. 

grooms kissing in an outdoor wedding ceremony
Tap into the market for outdoor wedding ceremonies

A space to get ready

Getting ready with your bridesmaids or groomsmen is a huge part of any couple’s day – from the first pop of a champagne cork to the final “let’s do this!”, it’s a rite of passage for brides and grooms. By offering a dedicated space for the wedding party to get ready in the morning, you’re instantly a step ahead of your competitors. It’s little extra touches like this that present your venues as the full package – plus, it really doesn’t have to cost a fortune to implement. Just make sure wherever you choose is spacious, stylish and has plenty of plug sockets and mirrors.

bride getting ready with bridesmaids
Give your couples a dedicated space for the morning of the wedding

All about accommodation

Another big plus point for any venue is having accommodation on-site. Having a space for the bride and her bridesmaid to spend the night before the big day makes a big difference and saves a lot of stress. Why not work this into your wedding package? After all, it is a big selling point.

As well as gorgeous rooms for the night before, having a honeymoon suite and rooms for wedding guests to stay after the wedding is hugely appealing. If you don’t have the space already, it’s definitely worth considering whether you have any space on your grounds to build guest accommodation. Obviously, it’s a big financial commitment, but being able to offer on-site accommodation is a big draw for future bookings. The Venue Experts’ Hamish Byers is an experience Chartered Surveyor who can talk you through the pros and cons, as well as guide you through the planning process. Get in touch with us here if you’d like to chat.

Yes to glamping

If you thought festival weddings were a trend, think again. This is a solid big day niche that seems to grow in popularity each year. Tap into this demand for a laid-back celebration by creating glamping options, like yurts and bell tents,  in your venue’s grounds. Again, the Venue Experts can talk you through the development process  and the kind of things you need to take into consideration.

glamping tent
Do you have space for some cool glamping options at your wedding venue?

Multi-day wedding packages

Running alongside the desire for festival weddings, is the demand for wedding weekends or two-day celebrations. The opportunities for boosting profit with a stretched out, multi-day wedding are massive – everything from a BBQ the night before to a no-expense spared brunch the day after the wedding. Put together a multi-day wedding package and promote it on your website and social media, to really stand out. 

bride and groom celebrating with guests blowing bubbles
Give your couples the option of extending the party over two days – or more!

Micro weddings

On the flipside to this is the growth in micro weddings. It’s a pandemic trend that seems to be hanging around – and we think the popularity of smaller, intimate weddings is here to stay. At first glance you might assume it doesn’t make financial sense to offer your venue up for micro weddings, but if planned carefully, smaller bookings can be very profitable and a clever way to keep your bookings diary full. 

Online is everything 

There’s no point making any changes to your venue unless potential customers are going to hear about it. Diversifying your wedding venue can be as simple as investing money in your digital presence. A visual, comprehensive, modern and easy to navigate website, with impeccable SEO, is worth its weight in gold – as is a strong, personal and engaging social media style. This is where the experts can really make a difference. The Venue Experts can help design the perfect venue website, help with blog writing to draw in potential customers and create unique social media feeds with huge reach. Send us a message here and we can get started.

cool bride and groom with camper van
Use bold, attention-grabbing images on you social media

Do the hard work

One thing couple’s love is when venues do the hard work for them. Planning your big day is stressful and time consuming, which is why if you want to really make your venue irresistible to potential customers, it’s by helping them out. By creating a supplier package – listing all your preferred vendors covering everything from flowers to wedding DJs – you are instantly appealing to time-poor brides and grooms who want the best for their wedding, but not the endless Google searches that come with it. Plus, you get to work with businesses you trust and who know the venue well. It’s a win, win.

bride holding colourful bouquet
Create a wedding suppliers package to help your couples out

Not just weddings 

Weddings may always be the beating heart of your business, but a great venue knows that diversifying into party or corporate hire is a savvy way to bring in extra revenue. Think about what works best for your team and your venue – maybe that’s limiting these kinds of events to certain days or months, or simply focusing on the mid-week, pre-Christmas rush.

pouring champagne
Cheers to pulling in new business and boosting profits!

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