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How to future-proof your wedding venue

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How to future-proof your wedding venue

How to future-proof your wedding venue

OK, so 2024 hasn’t been the most stellar year for wedding venues. It’s tough out there right now and we know the repercussions are being felt across the industry as a whole. But it’s not all doom and gloom. 2024 is an anomaly – one we have the pandemic to thank for. Losing what was effectively a year of dating during COVID-19 lockdowns has naturally had an impact on engagements, which seems to be reflected in the dip in bookings for 2024. The wedding industry is navigating yet another usual post-pandemic year (remember the crazy weddings boom in 2022?) but you don’t need to panic. Engagements are happening, bookings are coming, and brighter days are on their way for the wedding industry. If your diary isn’t quite as full this summer, now is the perfect time to re-focus on your business and put things in place to future-proof your wedding venue. And here’s how…

bridal bouquet

Call the experts

It’s easy to get ‘too close’ to your business and get stuck in a rut doing the same things without getting the results you want. Whether it’s a lack of bookings at certain times of the year, not seeing a return on investment in areas like marketing, or struggling to complete the sales journey with a firm booking, bringing in outside help and fresh eyes can transform your venue’s success. With 15+ years’ experience, The Venue Experts know exactly how to help you achieve your venue goals.

Our Wedding Venue Consultancy service is bespoke, meaning you can choose the level of support you need – whether that’s a monthly retainer or ad-hoc help. Here you can access The Venue Experts’ sales and marketing knowledge and experience to increase bookings and boost your profits. We’ll take time to get to know your business and your venue’s target market to create a strategy to bring in consistent revenue throughout the year – yes, even in the trickiest of years like 2024.

We offer a Deep Dive Audit, where we take a meticulous look at every aspect of your business – from digital presence to the sales journey and everything in between. Then, we put together an actionable plan to skyrocket your business. Want to future-proof your wedding venue? This is the easiest way to do it – just click here to find out more.

Get the marketing right

Venue marketing is one of the key areas to focus on during a quieter wedding season. It’s not just a case of standing out, it’s also crucial you stand out to the right people – the kind of qualified couples who are looking for your style of venue, in your area and with the right budget. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is that your website is perfect. This is your venue’s ‘shop window’. It’s where many customers will get their first feel for your venue, so you have to get it right. When was the last time you looked at your website? We mean really looked.

Set aside a whole day to go through your website to make sure it’s making the best first impression. Are your images inspirational and aspirational? Is the site easy to navigate? Does it load quickly? Are there any broken links? Any typos? Are you providing a potential customer with all the information they need? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Don’t forget to flag up anything that needs fixing as you work your way through.

Emily Taylor, Marketing team on how to future-proof your wedding venue

Join forces

Another excellent marketing tool is hosting wedding showcases. Ideally you want to have a minimum of two showcases a year. These are beautiful immersive showcases giving couples an idea of what their big day could be like at your venue. We’ve spoken about the importance of wedding showcases in another blog ­– well worth a read here. Essentially these help forge links with local wedding suppliers, provide endless content for social media and your website, and help encourage couples to take the next step and book with you. If you struggle with your marketing strategy, get in touch with us. At The Venue Experts we offer outsourced marketing support that’s totally flexible to your venue’s needs.

Venue set up for wedding showcase in how to future-proof your wedding venue

Invest in social media

Did you know over 80% of the UK population is active on social media? That means it’s highly likely your potential customers are too. Instagram has become the go-to for wedding planning, with couples searching for – or stumbling upon – their perfect venue on the app. Future-proofing your wedding venue means keeping up with all social media apps and trends. Instagram and TikTok (yes, really!) are huge resources for couples planning their big day. To have an effective social media presence you need to upload regularly, make sure your content is high quality, and interact with your followers (replying to comments and DMs is crucial). Again, this is something The Venue Experts can help with – drop us an email at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk

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Free up your time with outsourced sales

The juggle is real, right? Even in the quieter months of running a venue it can feel like there is a spiralling to-do list and not enough hours in the day. Something has to slide and that can often be a slick sales journey. It’s imperative that your customers feel valued and receive the very best service. This is why outsourcing your sales is such a fantastic idea. Our team will provide a round-the-clock service, making sure that every enquiry email gets answered straight away, not days later. We’ll also deal with all the follow-ups and arranging showrounds, AND make sure they turn into conversions. And you? You get to focus on planning the best weddings ever.

EJ from The Venue Experts on how to future-proof your wedding venue

Diversify, diversify, diversify

If you want a wedding venue that can weather any kind of storm – even a post-pandemic one – you need to diversify. If you’ve got enough outdoor space, consider promoting festival-style weddings or offer glamping/camping as part of a wedding package. Be open to hosting micro weddings to keep that calendar booked up. Another great way to diversify is by hosting corporate events – whether that’s away days, work parties or meetings. And don’t forget to sign up to be part of The Venue Partners – a free database of venues used by our clients looking for somewhere to host a specific event. We’ll handle the sales process; you just get to fill up that diary. Email us here to find out more.

Get future-proofing

Feeling like your venue is stuck in a rut or you’re just keen to get some fresh eyes to look over your business model? The Venue Experts can help. If you have any questions about the services we offer, we’d love to hear from you. Just click here or email us at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk 

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