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How to market your wedding venue

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How to market your wedding venue

How to market your wedding venue

Whether you’re new to the wedding venue market or have been running an established venue for decades, trying to decide on the best ways to market your venue can be all-consuming. And we get that; how you market your wedding venue is key to your unique branding and, ultimately, to your success. Feeling overwhelmed? You shouldn’t be – that’s exactly what The Venue Experts’ dedicated Marketing team are here to help you with.

Where to start?

With our industry-beating results – whether that’s increasing sales or conversion rates – The Venue Experts are the go-to team for transforming your wedding venue’s revenue. With a handpicked team of industry experts, covering everything from outsourced wedding venue sales and venue business consultancy, to hospitality troubleshooting and targeted copywriting, we’re very excited to expand our services to include marketing for wedding venues

Our marketing team has years of specialised wedding experience under their belt, so know exactly how to get the best from your venue. And there’s no better way to work out the most effective marketing plan for you, than with a bespoke brand, marketing and digital audit of your venue.

The future of The venue experts - new office
We’ve got years of wedding industry expertise under our belts

What is a wedding venue brand, marketing and digital audit?

This is where The Venue Experts team take a deep-dive into your wedding venue. We review all of your branding, marketing and digital presence to make sure it’s highly visible and seen by the right people ­– crucially, before your competitors.

Our brand, marketing and digital audit will make sure your venue is ranking for all the right keywords, it’s ticking all the right SEO boxes and that your tone of voice is consistent and reflects your venue perfectly. 

How well is your website performing? What’s your social media presence like? Is the imagery you use on-brand? Are your email templates working for you? These are all things we’ll look into, in-depth, during the audit.

Is your brand imagery working hard enough? We can help you with that…

Why do I need a marketing audit for my wedding venue?

Essentially, an audit of your wedding venue is like having an MOT on your car before you get the work done. You don’t want to be spending time and money trying to ‘fix’ things until you really know what needs doing – and it’s the same with your venue. 

A full brand, marketing and digital audit gives you a clear idea of exactly where your venue sits within the market and what need to be ‘fixed’, before our sales team can help transform your enquiries into bookings, through our outsourced sales service. You need to know exactly where you stand in the market – through presence and performance – in order to get ahead of your competitors.

An audit can pinpoint exactly what you’re doing right and what can be improved on. The end result? Driving sales and boosting revenue.

The Venue Experts will get to know your venue inside out, to help grow revenue

How can The Venue Experts help?

To begin with, our Marketing team can meet with you to discuss what your business goals are and how best we can achieve them together. Then, we’ll conduct a full audit and come up with a plan to effectively market your venue. 

We’ll look for quick wins, but also look to create a longer-term plan for success. Working closely with you, we’ll design a three-month plan of action to take your marketing and branding to the next level. Then we can help drive your sales forward with our outsourced wedding venue sales expertise, so you can relax and focus on planning and hosting incredible weddings instead.

Stacey from The Venue Experts
The Venue Experts will get to know your venue inside out, to help grow revenue

I’m in! How do I get in touch with The Venue Experts?

It couldn’t be easier. Fill out our online contact form here, email the team on hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk or give us a call on 07880 312393. We can’t wait to get started!

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