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How to use social media to market your wedding venue

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How to use social media to market your wedding venue

How to use social media to market your wedding venue

Social media plays a key role in weddings. From the exciting ring shot and “She/he said yes!” post to announce the engagement, right through to posting photos of the big day, couples love the chance to share their wedding journey on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But the power of social media goes a lot further than this. It’s one of the first places newly engaged couples will head to when they start to plan their day, which is why it’s one of the strongest advertising tools in a wedding venue’s arsenal. Read on to learn how to use social media to market your wedding venue.

Just engaged showing off ring
Social media is an integral part of a newly-engaged couple’s journey

Why should you use social media to market your wedding venue?

With over 84% of the UK’s population active on social media, the odds are pretty high that your potential customers will be too. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest provide the perfect visual platforms for showing off your wedding venue and what you can offer. In all honesty, it’s what your customers expect, and a lack of any social media presence could be considered a deal breaker by many. 

Social media is, largely, an accessible and free (paid-for ads aside) way to capture the attention of an already interested audience. It’s a way to showcase your venue, interact with customers and future customers, boost bookings, network with other wedding industry professionals and create a strong, instantly recognisable tone of voice for your business. Quite simply, what’s not to love?

phone showing social media apps
We’re a nation of social media lovers – so make that work in your favour

Which social media platforms should you be on?

Different social media channels offer different benefits for wedding venue marketing – the most important thing is to play to each of their strengths. 

Instagram is a dream for showing off your venue in a really visual way, with gorgeous images of real weddings and set-up shots, while Stories is amazing for short behind-the-scenes videos.

Facebook is the perfect place to create a real rapport with customers and potential customers. It’s here you can really nail your brand voice, with friendly and helpful posts showcasing everything your venue has to offer.

Bride and groom confetti photograph
Share photos of some of the amazing real weddings held at your venue, to inspire other couples

Pinterest is a goldmine for couples searching for wedding day inspo. Make sure you’re noticed early by creating your own Pinterest boards showing off your venue. Consider creating boards covering things like the ceremony, real weddings, the reception, the evening party, the food and drink, flowers and décor, packed with beautiful lifestyle imagery couples will be desperate to pin to their own moodboards. It’s a simple way to get your name noticed and help drive traffic to your website. 

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. With numbers like that is makes sense to get involved! Increasingly wedding venues are setting up their own TikTok accounts, finding it the perfect platform to deliver short, snappy content. We think TikTok is great for showing off your venue and your venue team’s personalities – it’s definitely one to have fun with.

Wow with visuals

If you want to use social media to market your wedding venue, one of the most important factors is to use the very best images you have. Social media is very visual, and you want to grab a potential customer’s attention quickly, otherwise they’ll simply scroll on by. Always talk to your couples and their photographers to see if they’d be happy for you to share their photos (with a credit, of course) and consider organising a styled shoot at your venue to create a bank of incredible imagery you can share online. Simply put, a blurry snap will not cut it on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, so make it count – and give your audience something they won’t find on your website.

bride and groom holding a bouquet
Use only the best images on you wedding venue’s social media accounts

Be consistent

The only thing worse than a wedding venue having no social media presence is one that only posts once every three months. It looks unprofessional, plus you won’t stand a chance against the algorithms (which means no one will even see your posts). If you want to use social media to market your venue you need to post consistently – your audience wants to see new content from you regularly, so make sure you’re delivering. Yes, it may feel like another thing to add to your to-do list, but it is essential. Consider freeing up some time by outsourcing your wedding venue sales to The Venue Experts, or get in touch to see how we can help with the social media side of things.

Outsource your wedding venue sales to The Venue Experts
The Venue Experts’ sales and marketing team can help you turbocharge your business

Always hashtag

Think of hashtags as the Google search of social media. This is how potential customers can search for posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter that interest them, whether that’s something like #rusticweddingvenue or #weddingvenueleicestershire. It’s worth doing your research to find out which hashtags are most relevant to your audience and your business – there are lots of tools online to help you get started. Just make sure each hashtag serves a purpose, and don’t go overboard – too many hashtags can be off-putting. Social media marketing really is a fine art!

Tag other businesses

Social media is also a great networking tool for wedding businesses. Celebrate your venue’s preferred suppliers or support other local companies by tagging them in relevant posts and re-posting some of their content which aligns with your audience and brand. In return they’ll do the same, and your reach will grow.

main table at a wedding reception
Don’t forget to tag wedding suppliers like florists and caterers in your social media posts

Have a plan

To really make the most of what social media can offer your wedding venue, you need to have a plan. While we’ve spoken about how consistency is key, it’s hugely helpful to have a monthly schedule in place detailing what you plan to cover across all the various platforms. Check your page insights regularly to see which posts were popular and which didn’t see much engagement. Think about investing in paid-for ads across Facebook and Instagram. Consider important events across the year which would benefit from timely, targeted posts (this could be anything from a celebrity wedding to something more obscure like National Prosecco Day). Being prepared, rather than leaving your social media posts as an afterthought will make a big difference to audience engagement and your own workload. 

Bride and bridesmaids toasting with a glass of prosecco
Yes, National Prosecco Day is a thing and it deserves to be celebrated!

How we can help you nail your social media

We get it, when it comes to best managing your social media accounts there’s a lot to take in. That’s where The Venue Experts come in. Our Marketing team specialise in everything to do with outsourced marketing for wedding venues and know all there is to know about creating a strong social media presence. From social media campaigns with impact to designing an achievable online strategy, we can take the reins and breathe new life into your Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts. Want to find out more? Fill out our online contact form here, email us on hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk or call us on 07880 312393 to see how we can turbocharge your social media success.

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