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Outsourced wedding venue sales

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Outsourced wedding venue sales

Outsourced wedding venue sales

What are outsourced wedding venue sales? Let us tell you!

Here at The Venue Experts, we were created to solve a problem. A problem our CEO and Founder, Stacey Ferguson-Czersovski, found out the hard way. From 20+ years in the hospitality and wedding industry, she noticed she was constantly asked by her bosses “where are all the bookings?”, and her response would always be “I’ve been too busy running weddings!”. So, The Venue Experts (TVE) was born.

Stacey began to think, what if there was an outsourced sales company for wedding venues that works seamlessly with the in-house team to boost enquiries and increase revenue? After sitting with the idea for a while, putting some feelers out and working hard behind the scenes, she decided to take the matter into her own hands.

CEO and Founder of The Venue Experts, Stacey Ferguson-Czersovski
Credit: Megan Wilson

If you outsource your finances to an accountant, you already understand the importance of having an expert in your corner to make the most of your assets; choosing us as your outsourced wedding venue sales team puts the professionals on your side. The Venue Experts isn’t just a name; it’s a promise.

As your dedicated sales team, we’re here to provide support seven days a week. Let us take care of your inbox, creating personalised emails that perfectly align with your brand. We’ll also conduct all virtual tours, using our expert knowledge to ensure enquiries turn into bookings! With our help, you can take a breath and focus on what your wedding venue is all about, providing an outstanding experience for your guests.

We are in your inboxes from 9am-9pm. Customer service is our number one priority, and we continuously prove that we are the best at what we do.

sales experts in a planning meeting
Credit: Megan Wilson

Here are some of our stats:

We regularly SMASH the industry averages: we’ve helped one client convert 16% of enquiries to bookings – that’s four times the industry average!

Passed over 278 weddings in one year for a single venue.

Achieved a staggering 63% conversion rate, from showrounds to bookings for a barn venue.

We sold 60 weddings in one month for one venue.

wedding venue sales team stood in front of a brick wall.
Credit: Megan Wilson

Once the booking has been confirmed, we pass the couple back over to your events team to work their magic! Also, if you’re worried about missing out on those all important first conversations, fear not! Our team are in constant communication, and we deliver detailed notes with every booking, so your event managers can seamlessly pick up where we left off.

TVE can work with you for wedding venue sales in one of two ways. The first is on a retained service, where you pay a monthly fee, and we deliver as many bookings as possible. The second is our brand new (and highly popular) commission service, where you only pay us when the deposit is in your account! It’s our you win, we win service.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s start turbocharging your wedding venue!


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