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Outsourcing sales and marketing for venues

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Outsourcing sales and marketing for venues

Outsourcing sales and marketing for venues

Outsourcing sales and marketing for venues? Sound scary? Outsourcing should not be a scary word. Most venues when they think of outsourcing tend to run in the other direction but you wouldn’t think twice about outsourcing your linen or accounts so why not your sales and marketing? This week, we thought we would take a look at the advantages of outsourcing your sales and marketing and why this should be the next step in your wedding venue strategy for turbo-charging those wedding and event bookings!

Specialised Expertise

We are called the Venue Experts after all! Outsourcing to people who specialise in not only the wedding industry but those who have a deep understanding of sales and marketing is game changing. Wedding venues require specific marketing strategies that reach engaged couples effectively and a unique sales process to make you stand out from the thousands of other venues across the country.

Here at TVE, we have years of wedding industry experience and a unique awareness and understanding of the latest trends. Working with venues all across the UK and internationally allows us to gain an unrivaled insight into the industry as a whole.

Don’t you wish you could call up the venue next door and ask them how their 2024 diary is looking or how you are faring compared to other venues in your area?

EJ Gordon, General Manager of The Venue Experts

Though we don’t share specific statistics from our clients, we can give you the reassurance that what your experiencing is in line with other venues. On the other hand, if it’s just you, well then we can see that too and you know you need to look at your processes and make some changes.

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing to TVE allows you to have a whole team of experienced individuals for the price of one person’s in house salary. Multiple team members means we can cover more hours in the day (9am-9pm /7 days a week in sales) and we are solely dedicated to new business. On the marketing side, multiple people means multiple brains to come up with effective strategies tailored to your venue and faster community engagement. We are the leaders in outsourcing sales and marketing for wedding venues backed up with decades of experience and skills all rolled into one team for you.

Focus on what you love

By outsourcing your sales and marketing processes, your venue team can focus on what they love to do which is usually running the weddings. We all know that working in a wedding venue means you wear several hats. Whether you’re pot washing, serving food, or putting the bride in her dress, you do it all and that’s just on the wedding day. Not to mention being responsible for generating forward business, couple communication and viewings. There’s only so many hours in the day and outsourcing allows your team to focus on the tasks they love; often making them more efficient and happier in their role. In the long run this also increases the performance of your team as they can successfully manage their work load.

If your team is running a wedding it is unlikely that they are responding to that comment on Instagram or replying to a Hitched enquiry. However, it is no longer acceptable to wait 3 days to get back to someone and in peak season it can become increasingly difficult for your team to respond. Having a dedicated outsourced team focused solely on sales and new business means enquiries are answered almost immediately, making the customer journey smoother and increasing your chance of securing a booking.

Access to top tech

Here at TVE, we are used to dealing with thousands of enquiries and use efficient technology to aid us in delving deep into the data and manage all of the wonderful couples getting in touch with your venue. Each enquiry is contacted multiple times through our carefully crafted sales pipeline and no opportunity is wasted to secure a booking. We can also track where everyone is coming from, whether that’s a phone call or a specific social campaign or ad, which is vital when making adjustments to your process and allocating budgets. Lastly, our CRM system gives us a clear picture of the entire sales journey from the initial enquiry through to booking. This allows us to identify any weak spots and make quick improvements; leading to higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

Overall, outsourcing your sales and marketing for wedding venues will provide you with strategic advantages, cost savings and access to a magnitude of specialised expertise. This enables you to maximise your bookings and remain competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. If you’re questioning why you haven’t done this sooner, get in contact today at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk

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