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What is a wedding venue deep dive audit and why do you need one?

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What is a wedding venue deep dive audit and why do you need one?

What is a wedding venue deep dive audit and why do you need one?

Christmas is just over a week away and the countdown is well and truly on to one of our busiest times of year ­ – wedding engagement season. January is traditionally a huge month for wedding venue enquiries and potential bookings. But are you ready for it? As well as providing outsourced wedding venue sales and all the marketing help you could possibly need, The Venue Experts also offer deep dive audits, to make sure your wedding venue is in the best possible shape. If you’re wondering what a wedding venue deep dive audit actually is, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

The Venue Experts team looking at a laptop

The Venue Experts’ deep dive audit

Quite simply, a wedding venue deep dive audit is an opportunity for us to take an in-depth, comprehensive look at your sales and the marketing of your venue. And we mean everything. Our team will go through your website in tiny detail and look at how well your social media is working for you (or not!). We’ll look closely at how well you communicate with couples, what your conversion levels are and the success rate of your showrounds. 

Stacey explaining to the team about a deep dive audit

Everything from that initial touch point right through to booking will be analysed and reviewed. Then, once we have all this information, The Venue Experts can offer advice, or put together a plan to ensure your venue has everything in place to perform to its fullest potential. If your sales process needs a boost, we also offer training to help your in-house sales team nail those conversions.  

Why do I need a wedding venue deep dive audit?

The wedding venue market is a competitive one, and if you’re not meeting the needs of your potential customers effectively or marketing your venue correctly, you are going to miss out on bookings. We all know that when you’re so close to and involved with something, it’s very hard to pinpoint areas where you can improve, or work out how to do that. At The Venue Experts we know the wedding venue industry inside out and can offer easy-to-implement changes that will really make a difference, straight away. Think of a deep dive audit as your wedding venue MOT. Every venue needs to keep evolving and re-assessing, to exceed the expectations of your couples. We can help you do that.

The Venue Experts sales and marketing team

How we’ve helped wedding venues 

We’ve managed to help venues get real results through our one-on-one deep dive audit service. Nothing beats hearing their glowing feedback and watching their conversion rates go through the roof. Have a read for yourself…

Jon-Paul, owner of Heritage Estates, Kelham House and Cockcliffe Country House:

“Working with Stacey and the The Venue Experts team has been one of the best things we’ve done as a business in years. 

After a period of time as a wedding venue operator, there are certain things that just become the norm – what ‘good’ looks like. I don’t believe that team meetings, reviews or looking at the market challenges you enough to look at everything you do like this consultation with The Venue Experts did and would for others.

From our website, our emails, online listings and our products and prices the The Venue Experts team looked at everything without bias and delivered back a comprehensive, intelligent and results-based set of findings and recommendations on how things could be done differently, better and with more thought on customer engagement and sales driven results…

I don’t think there’s a venue out there that couldn’t benefit from this process.”

Stacey working on a deep dive audit at her laptop in the office

Joanne Robinson, General Manager at Cockcliffe Country House:

“From the preliminary meeting through to the on-the-day training, Stacey and her team were amazing.

They ‘deep dived’ into the business and looked at the numbers, marketing, social media – and the outcome was so informative. Sometimes you can be a little blinded when looking at your own website, social media sites on a daily basis – Stacey and the team picked up on the easy wins we could fix straight away. 

They also took us through the customer journey from enquiry through to booking, and again this threw up some real easy fixes that would not only help with our conversion rates but make the sales journey much clearer and easier to manage as a business. We can already see a massive difference by changing one thing in the emails we send out to potential couples.”

The Venue Experts office

Book your wedding venue deep dive audit today

Ready to take the next step towards transforming your wedding venue business? We can’t wait to help you out. It’s not too late to book a deep dive audit before engagement season really kicks off. Give us a call on 07880 312393, email us at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk or click here.   Let’s do this!

All photos: Megan Wilson

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