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What really makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue

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What really makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue

What really makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue

Once the initial excitement of the engagement has started to die down, the champagne has been drunk and the celebrations have been had, it’s time for couples to get down to the serious business of finding the perfect venue for their wedding day. When it comes to planning the big day, booking the venue is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make, but with literally thousands of choices on offer how can you make sure they book your venue over a competitor’s? We’ll let you into a secret, this is what makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue.

What makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue
Wow newly-engaged couples with your wedding venue

The wedding venue website

Your website is the first impression your venue can make on a potential customer. Making sure it’s a good one is essential for grabbing a couples’ attention, giving them a real feel for what you can offer and leave them dreaming of holding their big day with you. But how can you do that? Well, if you’re serious about making your venue stand out, it’s best to call in the professionals. From a complete website overhaul to a simple refresh or a SEO deep-dive to make sure you rank highly for all the right search terms, The Venue Experts can transform your online presence. We’ll leave you with a website potential customers will fall in love with. 

Our web design team can help transform your wedding venue website

The show-round

Getting customers to book a show-round is half the job, but this is the opportunity to really show off your wedding venue to its full potential – and, crucially, turn it into a booking. A stellar show-round does so much more than simply show brides and grooms-to-be the space where they can hold their wedding. Instead, it lets potential customers get an authentic feel for the vibe of your venue and gives them the chance to imagine their perfect day in situ.

The Venue Experts Team do a wedding venue show-round
We can provide a masterclass in wedding venue show-rounds

You’re selling the team, the setting, the food, the entertainment – in fact, you’re selling the perfect wedding dream. Get it right, and the bookings will come thick and fast. If you think you’d benefit from some expert guidance to polish up that show-round technique, do get in touch. The Venue Experts  have years of experience delivering show-rounds that consistently convert to bookings way above industry-average, and there are lots of ways we can help you do the same. 

Impeccable customer service

One of the simplest ways to stand out from your competitors – and something that really makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue – is how you make potential customers feel. You may deal with hundreds of couples each year, but it’s imperative you make every single one feel like the most important people in the world. This is their special day, so if they are going to entrust that to you – as well as spend a lot of money – your customer service needs to be out of this world.

What makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue – walking through a field
Great customer service = a very happy couple

Brides and grooms-to-be will make a very quick judgement on you and your venue by how their initial enquiry is dealt with. If you’re slow to respond, or they feel they’re receiving a bog-standard reply, it makes a very bad impression. We understand that running a venue often requires you to be in 5 different places at once, so if you want to ensure every email is replied to quickly and efficiently, it’s worth thinking about outsourcing your wedding venue sales. By using The Venue Expert’s outsourced venue sales service, you can relax knowing each and every lead is followed up quickly, and in the right tone for your venue. 

Spelling it out

Whether it’s while browsing your website, in emails or during the show-round, one of the most important things you can do to help out potential customers is to have all the answers to their questions ready. Even better, answer the questions before they are even asked! Be absolutely clear about prices, capacity and ceremony options on your website, and have easy-to-digest yet thorough information sheets about the venue ready to email to brides and grooms-to-be when requested. There’s no point being secretive about things like this – it simply leads to a disappointed couple or venue, when they realise it’s not the right fit.

Stacey from The Venue Experts
Stacey from The Venue Experts will make sure you reach your target market

Confidence in the venue team

If you want couples to trust you with their day, show them that they can from the get-go. Fill your website with beautiful images of real weddings you’ve held, include testimonials from real brides and grooms, deliver the speedy and comprehensive responses they deserve, be friendly, be professional and make them feel special. It all sounds simple, but it’s things like that which makes brides and grooms book your wedding venue over a competitors.

The Venue Experts sales team
The Venue Experts sales team, strutting into 2022 like…

How can The Venue Experts help your wedding venue?

Bringing together the most experienced and passionate wedding sales and marketing experts, our dedicated team will go above and beyond what other businesses offer to make sure the venues we represent get the highest conversion rates. Our portfolio and successes speak for themselves. For a start, we’ll make sure you’re attracting the right market, so your venue is being seen and noticed by couples who have a genuine interest in making a booking. We are open with prices and capacities for all the venues we work with, and qualify couples before the viewing, so by the time it comes to the show-round half the job is done. 

Then, of course, there’s the show-round and handling each enquiry from the very start right through to the confirmed booking. Whether it’s outsourcing wedding venue sales, venue marketing advice, wedding venue web design or simply targeted industry advice, we’d love to chat and see how we can help transform your conversion rates. Give us a call on 07880 312393, email is at hello@thevenueexpert.co.uk or click here to fill out an online contact form.

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