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Why preparing for engagement season is a year-round job

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Why preparing for engagement season is a year-round job

Why preparing for engagement season is a year-round job

Busy January? If the first month of 2023 has been anywhere near as jam-packed for you as it has been for us, we bet you’re ready for a holiday already! In all seriousness, January has been the most incredible whirlwind of enquiries, showcases, showrounds and bookings, all off the back of engagement season. And the reason? It’s down to the hard work that The Venue Experts and our venues have put in over the last year. Preparing for engagement season really is a year-round job, and here’s why it’s more than worth the effort…

What is engagement season?

We’re clearly a nation of romantics, as Christmas and New Year always spark a flurry of proposals. This is called engagement season, and it’s one of the busiest times of the year for wedding venues. Newly engaged couples are desperate to get stuck into wedding planning. And finding the perfect venue is number one on the to-do list. January is a huge month for wedding venues, as all these enquiries – hopefully – come flooding in.

Woman holding up hand with engagement ring on

How can I make sure my wedding venue is ready for engagement season?

There are so many ways your wedding venue can be ready to make the most of this uplift. However, it’s important to understand that preparing for engagement season isn’t a quick job that can be squeezed into the quiet week between Christmas and New Year. Getting your venue in its best shape for engagement season is a year-round job. And it’s something The Venue Experts are, funnily enough, experts in! Here are just three things that can really help transform engagement season for your venue.

Your online presence

You absolutely need to be online for couples to find you. For a start, your wedding venue website needs to be fully up-to-date, visually enticing, packed with essential info like capacity and price (don’t shy away from being clear and upfront about venue hire costs – this saves a lot of time and disappointment in the long run) and a clear call to action, so couples don’t just click away. A great website needs to be seen, so make sure your SEO is spot on. The Venue Experts can help with everything from blogs to a web refresh to make sure yours is working hard.

The Venue Experts marketing team
The Venue Experts Marketing team. Credit: Megan Wilson Photography

 As well as a fantastic website, you need a strong social media presence (ideally Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter). An authentic social feed takes months to curate, and is something that needs regular attention if you want couples to find you during that engagement season search. Our Marketing team are social whizzes and can help make sure you’re doing everything right.

Don’t forget to make sure you’re on the best third-party wedding venue listings websites. And that your listings show off your venue to its full potential, with stunning images and carefully crafted copy.

Host a wedding showcase

We’ve spoken before about the importance of a wedding showcase – how it can rase the profile of your venue and capture a couple’s imagination like nothing else. January is an excellent month to hold a wedding showcase, to monopolise on engagement season, but they are effective marketing tools at any time of year.  

The Hall Barns wedding showcase
The Hall Barns wedding showcase. Credit: Sam Bennett

The sales process

With all these enquiries coming in, you may start to feel the juggle to keep on top of it all is just too much. That’s where The Venue Experts step in. By outsourcing your wedding venue sales to our experienced team, you can focus on planning the weddings, while we handle and nurture every single lead. Nothing gives a bad impression quite like an unanswered enquiry email. We will make sure that never happens, responding to couples’ emails straight away and guiding them through the process to get that booking secure. But don’t leave it too late. As we’ve stressed, preparing for engagement season takes year-round effort, and by outsourcing venue sales now, you can free up your time to make sure your venue looks and operates the best it possibly can come December. 

Does preparing for engagement season really make a difference?

Absolutely, 100%. And we’ve got the stats to prove it. Just this month, The Venue Experts have spoken with over 1,500 couples and we’ve generated huge conversions for our venues. With an average of one third of all bookings taken in the first month, this is where we see all the hard work pay off!

The Venue Experts sales team
Stacey and some of The Venue Experts Sales team. Credit: Megan Wilson Photography

How can The Venue Experts help my wedding venue?

In so many ways! Everything we’ve spoken about here; we can help you with. Our talented Marketing team can make sure your website is working hard and looking great, they can come up with a social media strategy to transform your feeds and they can make sure your venue is being seen by the right couples. We can also plan a knock-out wedding showcase form start to finish, promote it well and get qualified couples to come along – hopefully leading to lots of firm bookings. The Venue Experts can take a deep dive into your wedding venue business, looking at the sales and marketing of your venue, how you communicate with couples and whether your showrounds are delivering. We’ll then put a plan together to make sure your venue has everything in place to reach its full potential. Want to make sure you’re ready for year-round success? Email us at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk or click here to get started.

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