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Your guide to crafting the perfect initial email response

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Your guide to crafting the perfect initial email response

Your guide to crafting the perfect initial email response

A couple’s sales journey with you starts from the moment they send that initial email enquiry. Whether it’s a viewing booking request, a question about your venue, or a query on a potential wedding date, your first response has to make the ultimate first impression. Chances are this couple has emailed a number of other venues – a recent Bridebook report says 6 to 7 enquiries is the industry average – so it’s massively important to make sure your venue stands out with a cleverly crafted reply. At The Venue Experts we know exactly what goes into crafting the perfect initial email response, to get the results you want for your wedding venue. Read on for our insider tips…

bride holding groom's hand

Forget about generic greetings

If you want to make your email response stand out, you must avoid generic greetings and cliched language at all costs. 90% of the initial email responses we’ve seen from venues start with ‘congratulations on your engagement’ and ‘thank you for your email’ – both lovely sentiments but a bit uninspiring. The perfect initial email response conveys these messages in a more creative and unique way. You want to instantly grab the couple’s attention, so try to make your email stand out in those first 2 sentences.

Paint a picture

Selling a wedding venue is ultimately selling a couple the idea of what their big day could look like. You want to inspire with your initial email response – pull the couple in with descriptive, inspirational scene-setting language focussing on what makes your venue really special.

wedding sign outside venue stone wall

Have a clear tone of voice

Your emails should always echo your venue’s ‘voice’. Think of the language you use on your website and socials and reflect this tone of voice through all your communications with potential customers.

Personalise your response

While we recommend you have an initial email response template ready to use for each enquiry, it’s important to personalise it every time. Use the couple’s names, refer to availability for the date they have in mind, or comment on how amazing your venue is for a spring/summer/autumn/winter wedding (delete as appropriate!). Every couple deserves to be made to feel special, rather than at the receiving end of an automated response.

Keep it succinct, but with all the info they need

An initial email response should not be an epic read. Try to keep it succinct, while including all the information your couple needs. An overly long email can put potential customers off at this early stage, however you want to build a rapport from the start so equally you don’t want the email to be too brief. It’s a tricky balance, but one we can help you with at The Venue Experts.

bride and groom's backs as they walk away together

Actually answer their question

This seems like an obvious point, but we’ve seen far too many email responses from venues that don’t actually deal with the specific questions couples ask. Before you hit ‘reply’ make sure you read through the initial email carefully and respond to each and every query raised.

Include a CTA

Whatever you do, always, always end with a call to action. You need to keep the conversation going so end your email with a question, whether that’s something like “we have availability for a viewing on Sunday – would that work for you?” or “do you have a wedding date in mind?”.

Stacey from The Venue Experts
Stacey Ferguson-Czersovski – the CEO and Founder of The Venue Experts. Credit: Anthony Tanton

What to do after sending your initial email response

At The Venue Experts we are all about ‘The rule of 5’. We recommend a 5-week email plan for all wedding venues, starting with the initial email response, then following up with weekly emails focusing on a different aspect of your venue (this could be ceremony options, food choices, or whatever makes your venue shine and can capture the imagination of a prospective customer). You’d be surprised at how many couples finally respond and book a viewing on the 5th email.

Call in the wedding venue sales experts

Outsourced wedding venue sales are at the heart of what we do at The Venue Experts. From crafting the perfect initial email response to compelling showrounds, we know everything there is to know about turbo-boosting a wedding venue’s sales. Whether you need a general sales boost or you’re facing a busy period and struggling to do it all, The Venue Experts can help. We thrive on results and have the industry-beating stats to back it up. Want to find out more about our wedding venue sales and marketing services? Click here to get in touch or email the team at hello@thevenueexperts.co.uk

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